The Society is always keen to support the development of new Balint groups, whether in-person, or online. We want to uphold and sustain the core of our work in the Balint tradition maintaining the focus on the clinician-patient relationship

If you are thinking about starting a new group, including groups starting out online, the Society can offer an initial discussion and support. You can get in touch via our Administrator whose details are in the Contact Us tab in the main menu above.

Supervision The Society is keen to foster best practice and we are now actively encouraging leaders to seek regular individual or peer supervision. This is a resource that the Society is actively developing across the country so we may be able to put you in touch with a suitable supervisor or peer supervision group. Please ask.

Online groups With the widespread adoption of teleconferencing software during the Covid pandemic, the Society has been proactive in developing guidelines and supporting members wishing to take their groups online. Details regarding the setting up of online groups can be found here and guidelines for using the Zoom platform can be found here.