Of note for those members already on the accreditation pathway, you will only be expected to meet the pre-June 2023 accreditation requirements. The pre-June 2023 criteria can be seen at the bottom of this page.

Please email the accreditation team if you have any further enquiries.

Leadership Accreditation

To join the Balint Society Leadership accreditation pathway, you first need to become a MEMBER of the Society. Membership needs to be maintained once you have become accredited.

become a member

Leadership Accreditation

The Society is keen to encourage members to become group leaders, and to support them on the pathway to becoming a group leader, and once they've become accredited.

To become accredited, you will need to:

  • Have experience of being in a Balint group led by an accredited leader
  • Have experience of leading Balint groups and supervision with an accredited leader
  • Attend Balint Society leadership training days and weekends


The Pathway to Accreditation

We encourage members who are interested in Leadership training to approach the accreditation team early on in the process. This is primarily to help orientate prospective Leaders to the pathway and to make sure expectations are aligned. The accreditation team is also there to offer support and guidance along the way, so please don't hesitate to get in touch. They can be contacted accreditationatbalintsociety [dot] org [dot] uk (subject: Website%20enquiry%20for%20the%20accreditation%20team%20) (here)

  1. As a first step, register your interest in Leadership accreditation specifying all Balint groups you have attended and led, in addition to any Balint Society events you have attended. The accreditation team will then advise you on a training pathway appropriate to your needs.
  2. You will need to have supervision with an accredited leader once you start leading/co-leading groups. You may want to begin supervision in anticipation of leading a group especially if this is a new group forming. One-to-one supervision is encouraged. If you are co-leading a group, then joint supervision can be carried out for both leaders. The accreditation team can put you in touch with an appropriate supervisor.
  3. Discuss your progress with your supervisor on a regular basis. If you or your supervisor have any queries please contact the accreditation team.
  4. Record Balint groups you attend, those you lead, and record Balint Society events in which you participate.
  5. Following discussion with your supervisor regarding your readiness for applying for accreditation, you will need to submit your completed portfolio together with a reference from your supervisor to the accreditation team.
  6. If you have achieved the necessary competencies for accreditation, you will be recommended to Council for accreditation at the next scheduled Council meeting. If you have not achieved the necessary competencies, the accreditation team will advise the necessary further steps. 
  7. The Council of the Balint Society is responsible for ratifying a candidate's accreditation application. Appeals can be made directly to Council about any decision.
  8. After accreditation we recommend that all leaders continue ongoing supervision, individually and/or in a group.
  9. Joining a local Balint leaders' peer supervision group is encouraged. 


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Accreditation Documents

During 2022/3 the accreditation criteria have been reviewed and rewritten in conjunction with Council and the Training and Education Committee. We would highly recommend you to read the forms with the attached links below before applying:

Balint group leader accreditation Summary of Criteria

Balint group leader accreditation Supervisor Reference

Balint group leader accreditation Specific Criteria

Balint Group Leader accreditation Application form