The Society's work with medical students

Reflective practice in medical education is a mixed bag, often merely covering the basics, ie. 'empathy skills' and 'effective communication'. Exposure to the Balint method in the early years of medical education is, in our opinion, highly desirable, if not essential. In modern medical practice, great emphasis is rightly placed on the ability of our doctors to be able to communicate complex messages in often emotionally charged circumstances. 

As with most membership organisations, the Balint Society recognises that it will only thrive when it is able to pass on the wisdom and experience of its elders to those whose education is only just starting. In recent years we have made significant progress in supporting and developing Balint group work in medical schools across the country. Examples of this work are described in the links opposite. 

As this work matures, we are turning our efforts to sustaining our links with medical students as they graduate and start Foundation Year programmes. 

Questions or suggestions about this work can be directed to the Secretary whose contact details can be found in the Contact us menu at the top of the page.

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